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  • 47 Cleveland - Cinematic Festival / Mother Films / Director
  • Taken - Short / Gold Films / Director, Producer
  • Atomic Son - Music Video / Figi Productions / Director, Producer
  • DIrty Pretty Things - Sneak promo / Figi Productions / Director
  • Comic Relief - Cheeky Challenges / Ident/ Formidable Productions / Director

'Boots on Fire' New Balance

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Fireball Football Pic

Fearless freestylers Andrew Henderson and Melody casually juggle fireballs capable of doing serious damage before free-kick specialist Joltter singes his laces powering fire-penalties towards goal.

Directed by Giles Alderson
Cinematographer Andrew Rodger
Producer Amber Clayton & Copa90
Assistant Director Axelle Courlander
BTS Piers Hunte-Dunne
Editor Axelle Courlander
Creative Director Phil Mitchelson
Social Creator Michael Timbs
Sound Design Wave
Post Production Big Buoy
Stunt Team Artem

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Melody Donchet:
Andrew Henderson:

Music: Stormzy 'Boots'